Funny cars you see in London
Friday, May 04, 2007
  Triumph TR4

Another Italianised Briton by Michelotti, like the Stag or the 2000. Beautiful lines in those cars.

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Triumph's T series were made with the "Hairy-chested ruggedness" image in mind and the model speaks for itself: it is one big of a success back in the early 60's. I saw a similar car in Indianapolis. Car dealers are selling lots of cars with similar designs but I doubt that it's a Triumph since it's a model manufactured in UK but then again, it's Indianapolis - car dealerships has a lot of different cars.
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True! Vintage cars are somewhat to have a funny structure in the early years. Nowadays, cars in London have a one of a kind definition that can make a long-lasting impression.
I have found your blog is very interesting. I like the pictures of all the funny cars you have placed here.
The design and color of Triumph TR4 is not bad. It’s design and color is good and i like it.

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