Funny cars you see in London
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
  Living Scimitar

I already posted a Scimitar GTE back in september last year. But this one is more alive, I love the colour, the silhouette and the January light.
This car is a classic, and you can see that clearly in the design of the exterior. You can see its distinct hood, which is longer than the others. It's clearly a car from the seventies. I think looks a lot like the car used in the movie Starsky and Hutch. :-)
Hmm, I don't think this car is funny at all. I think it's classic and simple. And I agree with you, this car is lively because of the red paint. Don’t let their looks deceive you though! These cars are still formidable sports cars in their own right! :)

It may look funny for some people, but for avid car fans, this car deserves to receive the respect it is due! The Reliant Scimitar is known to be formidable on the race track. And whenever I see people driving it, I can say that the owner clearly knows his motorsports for having one of the greatest sport cars ever made.
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THE IDEA: After some months living in London and seeing some of the most unbelievable cars and bizarre things-on-wheels, I have finally decided to keep track of this unique heritage. Don't forget to check the archive for surprises.

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