Funny cars you see in London
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Ford Pilot V8

Beautiful, the first large postwar Ford. Things you find on the streets of London.
Thanks for checking out my site, it's kind of a work in progress. Should probably explain things more.
BMK K series are very good bikes, in fact, probably the best, though most Beemer people prefer the twins.
This Ford is neat. We don't see these Brit Fords much in the States, so the look strange to me. I always thought we got a raw deal on the Escorts. The Brit ones were so much better. Although, England got Capris instead of Mustangs, so...
Keep up the good work, it's fun.
Great shoots. Keep it up, really.
(oops... I want to drive one like that when I grow up!)
I've seen this car before! It was in the movie Public Enemies, if I'm not mistaken. This car is a real classic.

Ivo Beutler
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THE IDEA: After some months living in London and seeing some of the most unbelievable cars and bizarre things-on-wheels, I have finally decided to keep track of this unique heritage. Don't forget to check the archive for surprises.

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