Funny cars you see in London
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
  Nissan Figaro
This car is not what it seems.

When I moved to London it was one of the first vehicles (together with Bus 38) that catched my eye. I´d never seen it before...what was it???
Actually is a car from the 90's but with all the attractive of the convertibles from the 60's and a peculiar look. It was created like a sort of cult/fashion object, they just produced 20.000, and the demand was so high that they had to do a lottery to see who was going to have it!!
It has a tiny 1.0 motor and anyway you look at it is just gorgeous

The good thing for the British is that in Japan they also drive on the left, so there are so many people importing this little gem to the UK.
What a great site you have! I shall check back regularly.
Thatis a really cool car - i thoughtit was an old one.
Thank you...come back often as I post one car a day.

Virtual Gamer That´s the trick...everyone thinks so....but it´s hardly 15 years old...
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Well the template is not actually mine,, I grabbed it from the blogger examples, though I have "refined" a bit to fit my needs :)
Take anything you want....
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THE IDEA: After some months living in London and seeing some of the most unbelievable cars and bizarre things-on-wheels, I have finally decided to keep track of this unique heritage. Don't forget to check the archive for surprises.

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