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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  Strange Mini progeny

The doors tell you that it´s somehow related to a Mini, but then everything is quite weird. It has a simple L on the badge. Any idea??
The L stands for Leyland, the company that made minis for a while (there have been a few companies along the way) I'm no expert, but the shape of it reminds me of the Mini Traveller but that usually has wooden strips on the back end.
LEYLAND!!!! of course. I knew they make vans and stuff like that, but not that they had built up Minis.
You are right, it has strips, not wooden but a reminder (probably a late/cheap edition???)

Here is a picture the back end

By the way, it´s a gorgeous car.
Thank you very much for solving the mistery ;)
this is nice too...i like it... (first one)
It's a Mini Clubman Estate from the early 70's. The extended rear was used for the estate, van, and pickup from the early 60's to the early 80's. The flat front (Clubman) was only used in the 70's on sedans and estates.
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